Halloween in April

This morning it was time to break out the lighthearted side of life.  No adulting just a  playful, tongue-in-cheek attempt to laugh at myself and take that oh-so-serious mask of life off for a bit.

The gym I go to, Title Boxing Club, has been stepping up the fun aspect of our work outs by incorporating a ‘Wacky Wednesday’ contest each week.  This weeks theme was the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s.

Oh I rocked this contest.  Pulling out the Halloween stash I put on my make-love-not-war-peace outfit.

Apr 27 Wacky Wednesday (2)

When I got back home I heard my 16 year-old in the living room so I jumped into the doorway and yelled, “PEACE BABY!”  The expression on his face was totally and completely worth dressing up in the middle of the week at the end of April.

So worth it.

Apr 27 Wacky Wednesday (1)

He snapped my picture and proceeded to add it to his Snapchat story.  I love to see my son laugh – even if it is at my expense.

No serious adulting masks today.  Just a little spirited enthusiasm to brighten a Wacky Wednesday.

Happy Hump Day!