Admiration for Pope Francis

This weeks photo challenge was depicting admiration for either a person or a place.  After giving it a little thought I knew my choice had to be Pope Francis.

When he was elected on March 14, 2013 I had no idea who Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina was.  But from the moment he stepped out onto that balcony in Vatican Square saying, “let’s always pray for ourselves, one for the other, let’s pray for the whole world, for a great brotherhood.” And, “please pray for me” I was enamored.

A beautiful spring day and, in the middle of a school break, my family and I had taken a daytrip to Downtown Dallas to see the brand new Klyde Warren Park when the announcement was made.  It just so happens that the park is right down the street from Cathedral Guadalupe.  As ‘pope watch’ notifications started jamming up my phone the bells at the cathedral began tolling. We left the park and went back to the church where news crews were arriving on the scene to talk to faithful Catholics in the area.  As the bells kept up their ringing the church staff hung drapes to celebrate our new leadership.  The excitement was palpable and intense.  It was so much fun to be downtown with the bells and people – I’ll always remember that afternoon!

Last year, when he visited the U.S. I was so excited I could barely contain myself.  PatrickSitting at the doctor with my hurt son (turns out he ruptured ligaments in his foot – ouch) I watched his arrival on my phone and was hard-pressed not to jump up and down and call out updates. I came close to mortifying my 16 year-old who was terrified I would not actually be able to contain my enthusiasm.

Pope Francis 3





Our church happened to be doing our annual fundraiser/carnival during the same time as his visit.  We had a large cut-out of the Pope for photo ops. I may have looked for several opportunities to get my picture with ‘The Pope’.

I am a dork and I am okay with this because Pope Francis is wonderful.

He continues to encourage each of us to love and humbly serve one another.  He is the living action – not just saying the words but setting the example everyday.

I admire him immensely.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Admiration

Solitude In The Middle Of Town

A beautiful and perfect spring day resulted in a 3 mile walk around town. And, even though Allen, Texas is a busy place there was no shortage of solitude found.

This dove looked a little lonely.


The turtle was having a little mid-morning adventure.


And a duck found a water-filled ditch to have a little swim.


You would never guess the amount of traffic surrounding this little oasis of abandoned tracks.

Railroad Tracks Railroad tracks 1 Railroad sign

The tracks provided a treasure of wild blackberries.

Blackberries Wild Blackberries

And, that resulted in this delicious blackberry cobbler for dessert.

Blackberry Cobbler

I love my little town.

Halloween in April

This morning it was time to break out the lighthearted side of life.  No adulting just a  playful, tongue-in-cheek attempt to laugh at myself and take that oh-so-serious mask of life off for a bit.

The gym I go to, Title Boxing Club, has been stepping up the fun aspect of our work outs by incorporating a ‘Wacky Wednesday’ contest each week.  This weeks theme was the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s.

Oh I rocked this contest.  Pulling out the Halloween stash I put on my make-love-not-war-peace outfit.

Apr 27 Wacky Wednesday (2)

When I got back home I heard my 16 year-old in the living room so I jumped into the doorway and yelled, “PEACE BABY!”  The expression on his face was totally and completely worth dressing up in the middle of the week at the end of April.

So worth it.

Apr 27 Wacky Wednesday (1)

He snapped my picture and proceeded to add it to his Snapchat story.  I love to see my son laugh – even if it is at my expense.

No serious adulting masks today.  Just a little spirited enthusiasm to brighten a Wacky Wednesday.

Happy Hump Day!

WPC – The Future

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know well the plans I have in mind for you – plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future of hope.

The future: Life growing inside a mother’s womb.

The following pictures were taken to chronicle the pregnancy of our daughter’s first child.

16 weeks

Kkelley 26 weeks26 weeks

Kkelley 35 weeks35 weeks

Kkelley 39 weeks39 weeks

Claire bdayClaire

For Claire the potential for accomplishments are endless. Maybe she will cure cancer or end poverty. Perhaps, though, she will quietly work behind the scenes to make the world a better place.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Big Roads

Driving in Big D is always an adventure.  And, it’s always very busy.

On most days the HOV lanes (High Occupancy Vehicles) save me tons of time and I love them.  However, those who jump the lanes when they aren’t supposed to put people at risk every single day.  And that gives me some anxiety.

In other words, I have a love/hate relationship with driving in Dallas.

But then again, who doesn’t?

Author’s note….I did not snap these pictures.  I gave my son the camera and told him what I wanted and he took them.  I concentrated on driving.

LBJ Freeway

A good traffic day.  flowing-and-going

TEXpress connector

One of the many interchanges in Dallas.  This one is commonly referred to as the High Five. 

I’ve often thought that if the cars were hovering it would be just like The Jetsons.  🙂 Also, at the tallest point of this connector between LBJ Freeway (aka 635) and North Central Expressway (HWY 75) we are more than 12 stories high.

Don’t look down just focus on the road…

HWY 75

Coming down off the connector the traffic is definitely more congested.

At the end of each day, when my family is home safe and sound, I offer a prayer of thanksgiving.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Landscapes

WPC:  Landscapes

One of my very favorite vacations ever was when we visited Moose Lake, Montana.  I was in the early stages of playing with photography, but the scenery was so magnificent that the pictures couldn’t help but come out good.

Moose Lake Poppy Moose Lake MT creek Moose Lake MT


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