WPC: Seasons

A change in seasons means spring is coming!

Dallas Blooms 2015 (property of terezpics)
Property of terezpics 2015

At the Dallas Arboretum the flowers are blooming but winter isn’t quite finished. The topiaries still need some time – and continued warm temperatures –  to finish filling out.

But, when they do – oh the beauty abounds!

Dallas Blooms Arbretum 2015 (poperty of terezpics)
property of terezpics 2015



WPC: Life Imitating Art

The Thinker – a sculpture by French artist Auguste Rodin (1840 – 1917).

The original is in the Musee Rodin – Paris, France.

An imitation bookend is in my house in Texas.

Next……life imitates art.

DSC00606 (4)

Or maybe I just ‘think’ it does….