Thanksgiving Weekend

Today was our annual Sunday-before-the-holiday gathering at Grandma’s house. It was a good day, as it usually is when we are all together. And, when I say ‘all together’ I mean somewhere between 25-40 of us.  My husband and I both have large families.  And we like each other.  And get along.  It is not stressful to gather and spend time with one another – we look forward to it and the time is always pleasant.

Today was reserved for my husbands family.  Yes, we are a few days early, but this is a long-standing tradition. My in-laws began it to alleviate some of the doubling-up for those who had multiple homes to visit each holiday. It’s a nice custom and has always been much appreciated.

Leaving Grandma’s though I did ask, “since we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving does this mean I can officially kick-off Christmas?”

I was told no.

I guess I can wait a few more days.

Anyway – this afternoon was a little reminiscent of a time when my husband and his four siblings were much younger. Much, much younger.  He and his brother and sisters are all close in age; they each married within a few years of each other, and they all had babies in close succession. A total of 16 grandchildren for my mother- and father-in-law. Now, many of those grandchildren have married which means generation #4 is arriving and the wonderfully chaotic addition of babies and small children has once again joined our celebrations.

Currently, there are fourteen great-grandchildren with the announcement of another one on the way – due in the spring of 2016.

Great grans

It’s really quite wonderful and it’s a ‘grand’ mania to have.

Overall, this has been one of those weekends where I am almost overwhelmed by the abundance of my blessings.

Confirmation yesterday for my son, Ben, followed by a big luncheon celebrating both him and my granddaughter, Gianna’s, 3rd birthday. (read my prep for that here)

Ben and Gianna

Family, friends, food, wine, wassail…

Now that’s a good life.

Thank you God, for each and every one of these blessings.

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