Roku Surprise

Surprise joy came in the form of a Roku TV stick.

Shortly after plugging(?) it in I was walking through the living room and an aquarium filled with beautifully colored fish and coral filled the tv screen.

What was this? Where did it come from? How do I get it anytime I want?

It was so vibrant and colorful and clear – it seemed as if I was looking at a real-life aquarium sitting in my house.

Was this live or was it perhaps Memorex?? (Anyone get the throwback to the iconic 1970’s commercial?)

I guess in today’s world I should say, “is it live or is it a CGI?

Whatever it is I am totally captivated and absolutely mesmerized. I can sit for quite a bit of time watching the fish. And, apparently, it has become a source of amusement to my family that I am so fascinated by the fish tank.

Just in case you are wondering – it’s a screensaver and it slowly scrolls back and forth. It takes about 6 minutes – of course, I timed it! – to go a full length. Not only is it wondrous but it’s the easiest aquarium ever!  I get to enjoy all the benefits without having to worry about the water temp, ph balance or what fish exists good with what fish.  It’s the perfect set-up, very peaceful and relaxing.

I love this thing!

Surprise!  My TV has given me the best of all fish worlds!


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