Meandering with Lucy

Maybe it is the time change, but my 14-year-old Westie, Lucy, woke up this afternoon and was feeling feisty.  Lucy, who is mostly deaf and partly blind and spends most of her days sleeping wanted to play so – taking advantage of a pretty afternoon and the extended daylight – we went for a walk.

Cool temperatures, budding trees, blooming grape hyacinths, and one of those amazing sunsets turned a quick walk into an opportunity to meander.

These moments are always good.  And appreciated.

WPC – Transitions

Weekly Photo Challenge – Transitions.

Transitioning from ragamuffins to – phew that’s much better! –  my son, Patrick and my dog, Lucy.

Going from shaggy headed  to a buzz cut, my boy probably lost 5 pounds with that haircut.

Patrick - 2013

Patrick - 20131Patrick 20132

My Westie is a pistol and she loves to do things her way.  Rolling in the mud is a good day for her.  Alas, in order to come back inside she had to have a big ole bath.

Lucy 091

Lucy 09

All cleaned up and looking good – both of them of such cuties!