Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Big Roads

Driving in Big D is always an adventure.  And, it’s always very busy.

On most days the HOV lanes (High Occupancy Vehicles) save me tons of time and I love them.  However, those who jump the lanes when they aren’t supposed to put people at risk every single day.  And that gives me some anxiety.

In other words, I have a love/hate relationship with driving in Dallas.

But then again, who doesn’t?

Author’s note….I did not snap these pictures.  I gave my son the camera and told him what I wanted and he took them.  I concentrated on driving.

LBJ Freeway

A good traffic day.  flowing-and-going

TEXpress connector

One of the many interchanges in Dallas.  This one is commonly referred to as the High Five. 

I’ve often thought that if the cars were hovering it would be just like The Jetsons.  🙂 Also, at the tallest point of this connector between LBJ Freeway (aka 635) and North Central Expressway (HWY 75) we are more than 12 stories high.

Don’t look down just focus on the road…

HWY 75

Coming down off the connector the traffic is definitely more congested.

At the end of each day, when my family is home safe and sound, I offer a prayer of thanksgiving.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Small Roads

This challenge took me much longer than I had planned or anticipated.  It’s always fun, though, looking through my archives and taking that inevitable trip down memory lane.

My roads stretch from Texas and Tennessee to Europe, China and Japan.  I’m fond of saying, “Have passport – will travel” and I’m always ready for a new adventure!

St. Joe, TX 2001Visiting friends on their 100 acres in Texas.  So much land they had their own dirt roads.

Tennessee 2003Spending time in Tennessee when my baby was still a baby and my niece was still a little girl.(now she’s in college in Scotland!)

Small road and well-traveled alleyway off the beaten path in Beijing, China.

Great Wall, Beijing 2008

While the Great Wall may not qualify as a small street, alleyway, parking lot or driveway now, let’s face it – at one time or another it probably served each of those functions.

Co Cork 2008This small street in Co Cork, Ireland is similar to many streets found across the Atlantic pond. 

Brugge Belgium 2008The cobbled alleys in Bruge, Belgium took quaint to new heights.

Finally, Taiki-chō, Hokkaido, Japan.  Absolutely stunning country roads with the Hidaka Mountain Range in the background.

Thanks for joining me on my roads-less-traveled adventure today!


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Outdoor Seating

According to my TimeHop from six years ago the North Texas area received a lot of snow.  The ‘dusting’ our weather guru’s had forecasted overnight turned into a crazy 8 1/2  inches by the time we woke up.

Generally speaking, we do not get a lot of snow in this area.  Ice, yes.  Snow – not so much.  To say we were surprised would probably be  bit of an understatement.  Particularly, since just 3 days earlier we had been dining on the patio.

For this post I give you then and now views of outdoor seating on my patio.

Patio Dining Mar 2010March 18 – enjoying family time gathered around the patio table.

3 days later everything was covered in snow.  This year, though, winter skipped us completely.  Spring is definitely in full force.

The Bistro Table: snowy in 2010 but, today, just waiting to be enjoyed.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Indoor Seating

As soon as I read the prompt my mind jumped to an image of my husband and granddaughter.
Sitting on hard bleachers with no back support for extended periods is never thrilling or exciting.  So, why would someone stay in place any longer than necessary?  For the love of a sleeping child.
At 14 months-old the anticipation of her father receiving his doctorate was exhausting.  Or, maybe it was just way past her nap time.  Whatever the reason, she fell asleep in grandpa’s arms and him, not wanting to disturb her, sat in the seats for several minutes after graduation ended and the crowd had disbursed.
What a sweet baby.  And what a loving grandpa.

photo copyright @terezpics 2015

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Indoor Seating